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pen pals for the plus sized

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hey y'all. [Feb. 15th, 2010|03:20 pm]
pen pals for the plus sized


name: Cassidy

age: 23

gender: most times i'm a lady

orientation: queer

status: single

location: North Carolina, USA

interests: steam punk, cats, rats, cheese, appalachian ways, reading, hanging out with friends, writing letters, southern expressions, gossip, doodling, coloring, making things, shrinky dinks, paganism, vikings, kilts, dragon*con, star trek (original series and TNG), zombies, werewolves, vampires, eddie izzard, tim curry, alan rickman, spock, stationery

hobbies: knitting, crocheting, cross stitching, making shrinky dink earrings, reading, writing letters, playing the ukulele

music: the avett brothers, drive by truckers, pink martini, weezer, the cure, tears for fears, they might be giants, rasputina, the faint, gwar, freezepop, flight of the conchords, joanna newsom

movies: love actually, shaun of the dead, zombieland, dead & breakfast, serenity, ghost world, rocky horror picture show, shock treatment, the last unicorn, blazing saddles, young frankenstein, airplane, all the queen's men

tv: bones, house, castle, firefly, buffy: the vampire slayer, angel, heroes, true blood, star trek, soap, the young ones, jeeves & wooster, a bit of fry & laurie

books: the sookie stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris, anything by Kurt Vonnegut or Neil Gaiman, the Stephanie Plum novels by Janet Evanovitch, the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon, Harry Potter, time travel romance novels, nerd smut, Pride & Prejudice,

things you look for in a pen pal: anyone who can help me improve my spanish or german, or anybody willing to discuss: the possibilities of time travel, the wonders of Joss Whedon, the potential of a robot uprising, or what cats might be thinking. also, anyone who is willing to swap books.

local or international: either is fine.

hand written or typed? i write my letters by hand & prefer that my pen pal do the same. i'm pretty sure my handwriting is legible; i've not had too many complaints.

current pen pals: i have about 4 that i try to keep up with, though we're all fairly slow to correspond. i try to reply fairly quickly to letters (within a week or 2).

things that make you happy? my pet rat, getting mail, post cards, being silly

if you want to write to me, email me & let me know. cassidy.sugg@gmail.com

[User Picture]From: poeticgoddss
2010-05-19 04:14 am (UTC)
I sent you a letter yesterday, and tomorrow am mailing a book to you. hope you enjoy it when you get it :-) (both things that is)
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