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swapping! i got envelopes.. what do you have? [Oct. 10th, 2008|12:59 am]
pen pals for the plus sized


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hey everybody!
i got lots of cute envelopes from letter sets that i don't use. I use all the paper for my letters to my penpals but i can never live long enough to use all the envelopes and i'd feel bad about just throwing them out.
so i was wondering if there was any snail mailers out there who would like some cute envelopes?

i got all kinds of themes: disney, flowers, object, people....etc

Please keep in mind that most of the envelopes are pretty old so the glue on them probably won't work (so you can just use some tape to close the envelopes) and i don't have any envelopes with newer disney characters.

i can send you as many envelopes as you wish (i litterally have hundreds of envelopes....) and you can just send as much back as you like (as long as i get at least one thing back...).

The things i'd like to get in return are: letter set-/notepad-/stationery sheets (that i can use in my letters to my penpals), stickers and address labels.

to make an example: i can send you 10 envelopes and you can send me (minimum) a sheet of stickers/5 sheets of paper/a few address labels in return. I'd be happy to get more in return of course.. but my main reason to swap the envies for something else is that i just find it too big a shame to throw the envelopes out.